How to raise money for Cancer Council

Whether you’re hosting an event, attending one, or simply supporting someone you care about, it’s easy to show your support for National Patio Day, and help raise vital funds for Cancer Council. 

There are some great ways to get everyone around you involved and reach your fundraising target. Some ideas include: 

  • The best idea for raising more funds is to get more people to attend your event. Share the load and ask your guests to bring a plate 
  • Source donations and use the ‘Lucky Squares’ sheet that comes in the host kit to help raise funds
  • Add a theme and ask people to dress up
  • Host a party with some reps from kitchenware or clothing home shopping brands.  Ask if they would be prepared to donate a percentage of sales to the cause 

Whatever you choose to do, and however much you aim to raise, just know that every dollar counts towards creating a cancer free future. 

Three Simple Ways to Donate:

Bank your funds  

You’ve hosted and now you're ready to bank the money you raised? Deposit the money online via our secure connection. 

Donate to a hosted National Patio Day 

Show your support, by donating on the day, or find your host's event page and donate online. Search for them using the search function in the top menu.

Give directly to Cancer Council 

Of course, you can also make a donation directly to Cancer Council by clicking the blue donation button at the top right of the page.